I could say a lot about purple. Purple is a color that evokes a lot of emotions and memories for me. The purple of the sky before a full on storm, and mountain flowers…it is also a color that was considered edgy back in my day. Purple is a rich and beautiful color,  one of my favorites. I could make this title all about beauty.

But let’s start off with honesty. I spent more than one day of my youth filling a gumball machine with my pennies, trying to get my favorite one, purple. Google it today and you can actually order ALL purple gumballs. I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

But to me, purple gumballs are about yearning. Longing for something that is hard to find.

The goal of this site is to chronicle my spiritual journey, a journey of longing for God. Not always a straight path, there will be side roads and detours. I hope you enjoy laughing with my struggles, crying with my sorrows, and walking the path with me. We are all ministers to the world. It is my hope that you will find words to inspire, words to understand, and words to heal a broken world.

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

–your faithful witness, PurpleGumballs2819@gmail.com



One thought on “About

  1. Russ Sifers says:

    Hello Jen,
    Tonight in EFM we will begin sharing our Spiritual Autobiographies. I have ask our students to look for “longings” in their journey. I wrote my first one in 1988. I just finished writing 2017 edition, pondered it and looked for “longings” and “loves.” I saw much insight but I did not see any purple gumballs.
    Russ Sifers


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